The Amvensys Foundation Awards Inaugural Scholarships

Fifteen Deserving College Students Receive Scholarships to Further Their Education

Dallas – Feb 6, 2013 – The Amvensys Foundation, a non-profit subsidiary of Amvensys Capital Group, LLC, has awarded its first scholarships to 15 deserving students pursuing four-year degrees at accredited U.S. colleges and universities. The Amvensys Foundation scholarship assists academically accomplished students that embody leadership, drive, and integrity while also struggling with poverty, homelessness, or other challenging financial circumstances.

"Without this scholarship I would not have been able to register for classes this spring semester,” explained Alexa M., a recipient from Spelman College in Atlanta. “I am glad there is a foundation that assists deserving students with limited resources, such as myself."

The Amvensys Scholarship awards each student with $2,000 per semester, for up to two semesters, to be applied toward any college related expenses, paid directly to the institution. Numerous applications were received and the selection process was competitive, allowing the selection committee to choose 15 incredible scholars for the program.

"I'm excited to see my vision for the foundation becoming a reality" said Zahed "Ed" Lateef, Founder and Board Member of the Amvensys Foundation and CEO of Amvensys Capital Group. "We look to continue to make a positive impact in our communities and double the number of scholars next year. It's also great to see all the volunteers from the Amvensys group companies come together, without whose contribution and efforts, this would not be possible," he said.

"When we started the Foundation last year I knew that we were doing something good,” explains Frank E. Paterno, President of the Amvensys Foundation. “As we went through the first scholarship evaluation and got to know the applicants through their essays and references, it really hit me right in the heart just how much good this Foundation will do. We are giving opportunities that can change these young people’s lives."

About The Amvensys Foundation:

The Amvensys Foundation was formed in 2011 to fund charitable causes for education and the alleviation of poverty and homelessness with support from community-based organizations, national organizations and the Foundation's affiliated companies. The Foundation’s goal is to play a sustainable role in encouraging and fostering education to empower indigent youth in society by giving scholarships and grants to students interested in pursuing higher learning. For more information about the Foundation, see or e-mail at

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Adrian Hagemann

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